Brighten Your Child's Hospital Experience With Kids Hope Chest

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Brighten Your Child's Hospital Experience With Kids Hope Chest

New Feeding Friends Now Available
Brighten and make NG and NJ feeding tube dressings and other types of dressings more fun and asthetically pleasing. Check out our new girl themed feeding friends on our Feeding Friends page.
Feeding Friends
We strive to provide a fun and safe alternative to traditional retention tape and dressings.
Feeding Friends are offered in many US pediatric hospitals, ask your local hospital if Feeding Friends are available to you.
Brave Kids Capes
Helping children be brave under challenging and emotional hospital appointments. Children going through these medical situations are true heros. Make them feel that way with a Brave Kids Cape.
Feeding Friends
Feeding Friends Stickers

Feeding Friends Stickers offer animal friends to help brighten a child's face. These dressing retention sheets are made from medical approved tape for NG tubes and other types of dressings. Children of all ages love animals and now they can choose a friend to be a part of their hospital feeding experience, making it less scary and more fun.
Boo Bunnies with Boo Cube
Boo Bunnies

These unique bunnies hold a plastic ice cube pre-filled with distilled water.  Store them in the freezer until your little ones need it for a boo-boo.  Boo Bunnies are ideal for soothing minor owies while at the same time presenting a friendly distraction.
WubbaNub Pacifiers
WubbaNub Pacifiers

Keep your baby safe and soothed all in one. Medical grade silicone soothie pacifier is securely attached to a cuddly animal for your baby to love.
WubbaNub Pacifiers
Angel Dear Blankies

Angel Dear Lovies are 14" square, cashmere-soft and cuddly. With several animals to choose from these cozy Angel Dear blankies will be sure to become your loved one's friend. Pick a lovie for your loved one to snuggle with!
IV Pole Pals
IV Pole Pals

Brighten any hospital room with these colorful and fun IV Pole Pals. Lots of designs to choose from. Pole Pals attach securely to the IV Pole.
Ouchie boo boo bandages
Ouchies Bandages

Ouchies Bandages - Pediatric Cancer Support - 20 bandages included.
WubbaNub Pacifiers
G-tube Button Pads

G-Tube button pads are soft on the skin and help absorb leaking around gastrostomy tube (G-Tube). They are machine washable and reusable. Lots of cute prints to help add a little fun to your child's feeding tube.
IV Pole Pals
Brave Kids Capes & Kit

These unique cape kits are designed to brighten a child's hospital stay or doctor's appointments by bringing out their courage in scary situations. These capes are the center piece to a full kit of fun objects. Including a keepsake metal box with the brave kids logo, a red or purple cape, a braves kids membership card, a sticker sheet, and coloring sheets.
WubbaNub Pacifiers
I Am A Very Important Patient

This activity book is a tool focused on finding ways to have fun at the hospital. It includes a V.I.P. pass, a movie poster, Chinese Theatre handprints, Fan Mail and more. A fun gift for parents or friends to give a child in the hospital.
WubbaNub Pacifiers
The Long and Short of It

This picture book follows the parallel stories of two young girls who are having problems with their hair. One wants to grow her hair longer, while the other, who has lost her hair during cancer treatment, would just like to have it back. This book teaches an understanding of hair loss, the act of giving, courage and pride.
IV Pole Pals
Let My Colors Out

Unfortunately, many young children today are dealing with their parents’ diagnoses and battles with lifethreatening illnesses. In Let My Colors Out book, a young child is dealing with his mom’s diagnosis and treatment of cancer. He experiences a range of emotions that together form a rainbow of hope through this critical time.
Hot Cold Packs
Histiocytosis Awareness Bumper Sticker

Support Histiocytosis awareness with this adhesive oval vinyl bumper sticker. Whatever you do, big or small, you are making a difference.
IV Pole Pals
Peppy Step Socks

These fun socks are designed to help foster a positive attitude. Each sock is uniquely designed with words of encouragement.
IV Pole Pals
IV Pole Guardian Angels

This little guardian angel will hang on your childs IV pole. A sign of hope and comfort for your child.