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No one likes to be stuck in the hospital but this colorful, fun activity book with a Hollywood theme makes kids feel like the V.I.P.s they are! Nurses and doctors are now their entourage and friends and family make up their awesome fan club. Activities are not only fun, but help kids communicate with medical personnel in non-scary, positive ways.

Kids focus on being kids - not a disease or illness. Tear out Pages Include: V.I.P. Credits where a child can post and be proud of his or her accomplishments, V.I.P. Questions sign that a child can use to remind him to ask his doctors an important question, V.I.P. Awards that a child can give to people around him. 

Used by Child Life Departments to help kids feel more empowered over their illness and situation. Now available to parents and friends of kids in the hospital.

For ages 5 - 12. 


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