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About Kids Hope Chest


In 2009 our world forever changed when our son was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), he was only two months old.  Not only were we new parents, we were thrown into a whole new world of hospital life and our son was fighting for his life.  Early on in his journey, he required a feeding tube that obscured our babies sweet face.  As a helpless parent living in the hospital, you will do anything to make things better, even if it's small.  We started to create drawings to make his tubes seem less scary and more kid friendly.  Families on our bone marrow transplant unit would request handmade stickers and we would see the joy they brought to not only the patient but their families.  


With the encouragement of doctors and nurses, we created Feeding Friends and turned our idea into a reality.   We not only offer Feeding Friends but other items we felt would improve children's hospital experiences.  


Our motto is to brighten your child's hospital experience with Kids Hope Chest.  We hope to bring a smile to you and your child's day!

*No claims, representations or warranties, whether express or implied, are made by Kids Hope Chest as to the safety, reliability, durability and performance of any of our companies products. Furthermore, Kids Hope Chest accepts no liability whatsoever for the safety, reliability, durability and performance of any of our companies' products. By purchasing and using our product you are doing so at your own risk. 

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