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Feeding Friends NG & NJ feeding tube stickers securely hold a nasal feeding tube in place. They extend the normal function of dressing retention sheets by providing fun and colorful designs on the tape. Also, feeding friends stickers can be used as a multi-functioning tape, making dressings for PICC lines, Central lines, Nasal Cannulas and other types of dressings more kid friendly. Our Goal - provide a fun and safe alternative to traditional retention tape used for feeding tubes or to make other types of dressings more fun for kids.


Feeding Friends are FDA approved medical dressing retention tape augmented with custom designs for children that all ages and genders will enjoy. This tape is specifically designed to secure NG & NJ feeding tubes. Each Feeding Friends is 10 yards long and contains 100 feeding friends stickers that can be cut to your specific will last a long time! For sanitary reasons we cannot accept returns of feeding friends. Thank you for your understanding.


Benefits & Uses:

  • FDA approved retention tape
  • Securely holds NG & NJ feeding tubes.
  • Colorful & fun designs children will enjoy.
  • Latex Free
  • Make the feeding tube more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Brighten and make other types of dressings more fun (central line, picc line, nasal cannula, and other types of bandages etc.) by adding a feeding friends sticker.
  • Can cut out the stickers however you want...oval shaped, square shaped or just around the design on the sticker.  Whatever suits the dressing the best.
  • At least 100 stickers per roll - one purchase will last a very long time.

Feeding Friends Girls

  • History:

    Feeding Friends Stickers were invented by parents whose child had undergone a bone marrow transplant (BMT) and had an NG or an NJ feeding tube for an extended period of time. Parents would often times hand draw pictures on their feeding tube retention tape to bring a smile to their child's face and to make the uninviting feeding tube and sticker on their face more appealing and more fun to both the child and their family and friends. Urged and supported by medical staff, the feeding friends stickers came to life from the very people struggling through a life changing situation. Parents will do anything to make their child happy or ease the suffering they are going through. Children of all ages and genders will smile with their new feeding friend.

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