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WubbaNub Pacifier Collection

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Keep your baby safe and soothed all in one. Medical grade silicone soothie pacifier is securely attached to a cuddly animal for your baby to love. These stuffed animal pacifiers are plush, soft, cute and cuddly. They are safe and healthy for a baby to use and play with. The WubbaNub Soothies promote baby development in both their hands and mouth. There is a large variety of stuffed animal pacifiers to choose from!

Wubba Nub Pacifiers
About WubbaNub pacifiers
Wubba Nub Pacifiers are a uniquely designed pacifier that attaches a pacifier directly to a small soft stuffed animal. These animal pacifiers allow infants to hold onto the pacifier easier. They promote the baby to explore different ways of manipulating and moving the animal pacifier around their mouth. Because the baby can wrap their arms around the plush stuffed animal it is easier for them to hold onto the pacifier and keep it in their mouth even while sleeping. This creates less waking up to your baby crying because his or her pacifier fell out of their mouth and less dropping the pacifier on the dirty floor. Wubba Nub pacifiers are also good for preemies because normally premature infants have weaker sucking reflex and less muscle strength. With the Wubba Nub pacifier it will be easier for premature babies to maintain control of the pacifier which can help them develop these abilities.
Brayton sleeping with his WubbaNub
Why we like WubbaNub pacifiers
It’s a great product, and here at Kids Hope Chest we wouldn’t promote a product unless we knew they worked first hand. Our son was hospitalized at 2 months of age and spent the next 6 months in the hospital. The animal WubbaNub pacifiers were used to comfort our child during this time and it promoted him pulling, tugging, hugging, and playing with his arms and hands. We believe that they helped him learn more precision control with his hands and arms. He simply loved them. Also, the plastic is medical grade so many hospitals actually supply WubbaNub pacifiers to their infant patients.

Some information on how to clean and take care of the Wubba Nub pacifiers:
You can wash the surface of the pacifier and stuffed animal with a gentle soap. Thoroughly rinse and then let air dry. WubbaNub does NOT recommend that the WubbaNub pacifiers be placed in the dishwasher for sanitary reasons. However you can wash the Wubba Nub pacifier in the laundry, so you can just throw them in with a load of your baby’s clothes.
More on safety WubbaNub safety:
Are the beans safe in the limbs of the plush Wubba Nubs? Yes, the beans are actually inside safety sacks inside the plush limbs. What if my baby has a latex allergy? Don’t worry, the WubbaNub pacifiers are made of premium medical grade silicone